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Step Up Center

Gloria Dei Step Up center has served the ever growing needs of out community since the year 2000 when we started with ESL programs and student tutoring and quickly grew to immigration representation and advocacy, music programs for children and other churches and even Spanish classes!

Our mission is to live our faith through empathy and compassion by sharing support, resources, advocacy, and volunteering opportunities with all families and individuals who seek or provide guidance, safe harbor, justice, cultural expression, and access to life sustaining services.

Through out 20 years of service, we have learned that our work is not only rewarding and fulfilling, but now more than ever it is important to offer safe ground to those in vulnerable places, a friendly hand to those in hostile environments and advocacy to those with no voice.

Our programs run thanks to the generous contributions of our supporters, partners and volunteers and you can help by sending your contribution, promoting our events in social media, or volunteering in any of our programs.

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